You can migrate GMA-Manager data to Siveillance Control. Due to the different designs, however, optimal data import to Siveillance Control is not possible in all cases. After data import to Siveillance Control, you should always check the data and in particular the generated tree structures.

Siveillance Control supports data migration from GMA-Manager version 8.4A15 and later. If you are running an older version of GMA-Manager, you can upgrade it to GMA-Manager 8.6.x and then migrate the data to Siveillance Control. If an upgrade is not possible, please contact the Siemens Hotline.

For detailed information refer to the document: GMA-Manager Datenmigration. The document is only available in German.


The following conditions are required for data migration:

  • The file dasi*.tar with the saved data exported from GMA-Manager is available.
  • The file reference_for_gma_manager_data_import.mox for activation of data import is available.

Data Migration

To migrate the GMA-Manager data to Siveillance Control, proceed as follows: