In the menu bar, different menus are available depending on the perspective selected and the editors opened. The display of options in the menu bar depends on your authorizations and the client logged on. The menu bar is not visible, when Siveillance Control is displayed in full-screen mode or the windows of the workstations for the runtime client are configured without a menu bar.

The menu bar consists of the following elements:

File Menu

The File option offers the possibility to close the current graphic or all graphics. By using Save XLS Template you can supplement or extent the configuration independently of Siveillance Control. Furthermore, you can exit Siveillance Control and change your password.

Tools Menu

The Tools option offers the possibility to back up configuration data, select the spot monitor, to set or reset the operation mode and to display all print jobs. There is also the possibility to report defects and analyze the database. Furthermore, the Set Acoustics Quiet (for All Active Workstations) function mutes the acoustics for incoming alarms.

Window Menu

The Window option offers the possibility to open and reset perspectives. Furthermore, you can open the preferences, where you can make the following settings:

  • Appearance
  • Colors and Fonts
  • Keys
  • Shortcuts
  • Administrative Preferences

Help Menu

The Help option offers the possibility to find information on the current Siveillance Control version under About Siveillanceā„¢ Control and the Show OSS Information. Furthermore, the help can be opened under Help Contents.