During the configuration process, Siveillance Control continuously checks the configuration status. Any error, warning, inconsistency or open configuration task is entered in the Tasks view. Before you can activate data, you have to process all tasks. Open error messages prevent an activation in the runtime client. Open warning messages do not prevent an activation. These are only hints for the commissioning engineer which indicate that the configuration is unusual.

Displaying Tasks

  • The Engineering perspective is displayed.
  1. Open the Tasks view.
  • All errors, inconsistencies and else appear including the error message, object name and object type.
  • The total number of tasks appears at the top of the table.
  1. To sort the table, click Message, Object (instance name) or Type in the header.

Processing Tasks

  • The Engineering perspective is displayed.
  • The Tasks view is displayed.
  1. You have the following options to resolve the errors:
  • Drag the detectors and objects from the task list in the Location, System or Graphics Tree. The error message indicates which tree is appropriate.
  • If the error relates to missing values for objects, for example, right-click the task and select Edit Object Properties. Enter the appropriate information.
  1. To update the Tasks list, click  Refresh after processing all tasks.