Panel views enable the creation of interactive elements in a graphic. This is useful, for example, for intrusion detection technology zones. The following steps are necessary to create a panel view:

Creating Graphic Sections

  • The Graphics Editor perspective is displayed.
  • A new graphic has been created and is displayed.
  1. Switch to the Engineering perspective.
  1. In the Graphics Tree, right-click the graphic and select New > Graphic Viewport.
  1. Enter a name.
  1. Click Finish.
  1. Right-click the graphic section and select Set Viewport Bounds to set the section boundaries.

Dragging (IMT) Zones into Graphics

  • The Engineering perspective is displayed.
  • A graphic is displayed.
  1. You can set the visualization variants for the zones:
  • Right-click a zone and select Objects > Set Visualization Variant.
  • Select a visualization variant.
  1. Drag the (IMT) zones from the Location Tree or System Tree into the graphic.
  1. Arrange the zones in the graphic.

Creating Room Viewport Sequence Elements

You can assign a graphic section to the detectors group and use it in the print templates.

  • The Annotations perspective is displayed.
  1. In the Location Tree, right-click the area for which you want to mount the (IMT) zones and select Create Annotation > Create Room Viewport Sequence Elements.
  1. Enter a name.
  1. In the Viewport field, select the graphic section.
  1. Click Finish.
  1. To display the sequence elements in the Sequence Elements view, click  Refresh.