Workflows are required to configure actions. A workflow defines the basic structure for editing an action. So-called action blocks are used for this purpose. The workflow is processed in a linear sequence. You can either use the default Simple workflow or define your own workflows with their SOPs.

  • The Administration perspective is displayed.
  1. In the Administration tree, select System > Workflows.
  1. Right-click Workflows and select New > Workflow Definition.
  1. Enter the Instance Name.
  1. Enter the Number of Instances.
  1. Click Finish.
  1. To create one or more SOPs, right-click the workflow definition and select New > SOP and click Finish.
  • A workflow definition with its SOP is created.
  • The associated annotations are saved in the OPS/Workflow Configuration perspective under the Message Handling, Workflow Handling, and Operation Procedure Steps views.
  1. To assign a workflow definition to an annotation, edit it by double-clicking the annotation in the OPS/Workflow Configuration perspective.
  1. Select the Workflow/Escalation tab.
  1. In the For Workflow field click .
  • All workflow definitions are displayed in the Select Workflow Definition editor.
  1. Select a workflow definition and click Finish to save your selection.
  • The workflow definition is assigned to the annotation.