A fire control panel can contain all detectors and detector zones relevant for an access route. In general, these groups of detectors are not assigned to a room since they belong to different rooms along the access route. For each detector zone an access route plan can be created. In general, the fire control panel as well as the related fire detector groups with the fire detectors are created automatically by importing the OIS data point list. However, you can also create these elements manually.

Creating Fire Control Panels

  • The Engineering perspective is displayed.
  • The graphic has been calibrated.
  • The areas and outlines have been defined.
  • All respective detectors have been assigned to a central Fire Alarm Control Panel discipline.
  1. In the System Tree, right-click and select New > Fire Control Panel.
  1. Enter a name.
  1. Enter other information if necessary.
  1. To create more than one fire control panel, edit the number in the Number of Instances field.
  1. Click Finish.
  1. Add one or more fire detector groups by right-clicking the new fire control panel and selecting New > Fire Detector Group.
  1. To display the fire control panel in the graphic, you can assign an icon by right-clicking it and selecting Objects > Set Visualization Variant.

Adding Detectors to Fire Detector Groups

In general, the detectors belonging to a fire control panel are defined by the fire department and imported with the OIS data point list. However, you can also assign them manually.

  • The Engineering perspective is displayed.
  1. Open the Objects view.
  1. Filter the list in the Type column by selecting Fire Detector in the drop-down list.
  1. Select all relevant fire detectors and drag them on the fire detector group in the System Tree.