In the Graphics Editor perspective you can create, edit and delete graphics and detector symbols. Both basic graphics (displayed in the Location Tree) as well as print template pages are regarded as graphics.

The layout of this perspective consists of the following elements:

  • The Graphics View (Graphics Editor) displays an opened graphic.
  • The Graphics Tree displays the graphics and additional graphic elements.
  • The Symbols View displays the symbols and icons.
  • The Images View displays the images.
  • The Visualization Variants View displays the visualization variants.
  • The Elements Tree displays the structure of an opened graphic.
  • The Object Properties View displays the properties of a selected graphic element.
  • The toolbar contains drawing tools needed for drawing and editing graphic elements.
  • The info line contains informational texts concerning the selected drawing tools, the coordinates of the current mouse position within the active graphic, the number of elements selected in the active graphic, the current disk space usage and the storage reserved for the Java VM of the client.
  • After opening the graphic, additional toolbar functions are displayed.

Opening the Perspective

  1. In the toolbar, click the following symbol:
  1. Select the Graphics Editor perspective.