Sometimes, errors occur that cannot be solved with help of this documentation. In this case, you can contact the Siemens service technician or hotline or any other person in charge. For this purpose, you can provide the following documents to help dissolving the problem:

Providing Database Statistics

  • Either the Administration or Engineering perspective is displayed.
  1. Select Tools > Analyse Database.
  1. Copy the statistic if necessary.
  1. Click OK.

Exporting Defect Reports

  1. Select Tools > Report Defect.
  1. Enter a detailed description of the problem. You can include the following information:
  • The steps carried out before the problem occurred.
  • Special framework conditions
  • Replicability
  • In case of problems with the Video API or other subsystems, enter the OIS version and the version of the concerned systems.
  1. To attach a client log, mark the corresponding check box.
  1. To attach a server log, mark the corresponding check box.
  1. To attach a prepared statements cache log, mark the corresponding check box.
  1. Enter a target directory to where you want to save the defect report.
  1. Click Finish.
  • A zip file is created in the target directory, including the selected log files and a file named report.txt which includes your description and further technical information.
  1. Send the defect report.