You can print the operator log on any printer that has been configured in Siveillance Control. Basically, what you see on the screen appears on the printout, namely the data and the visible columns, the filters and the current sorting. The generic print template for list printouts supports you in creating printouts for the operator log.

The operator log's print functionality behaves similarly to the print functionality available in Message List or System State List views. Since the printout of the operator log may contain more data than the usual printout, an overview of the currently performed print jobs is provided in the user interface in addition to the basic functionality.

Printing Operator Logs

You can print the operator log using a CUPS printer configured.

  • The Operator Log perspective is displayed.
  • Entries are displayed in the Operator Log perspective.
  1. If necessary, click Timestamp to sort entries in the operator log. By default, the most recent entries are displayed first.
  1. Filter the operator log before printing to limit the size of the printout. For more information refer to: Searching and Filtering by Date and Time.
  1. Click Print Filtered List in the upper-right corner of the Operator Log perspective.
  1. To print the operator log, you have the following options:
  • Printer: Select a CUPS printer. To save the printout as a PDF document, use a CUPS-PDF printer.
  • Copies: Decide on the number of copies for the printout and click Print.
  1. Display print jobs and check their status. For more information refer to: Displaying and Checking the Status of Print Jobs.
  • Once the printout is finished, it is available as a PDF document or is printed on paper. The columns and content, the current filter and sorting that are printed are exactly those that are displayed in the user interface.