You can delete operator logs periodically for both the runtime and engineering mode by using a timer. Deleting the operator log once a day is recommended.

The calling of the underlying action is logged in the server log even if the delete algorithm is disabled.

  • The Administration perspective is displayed.
  1. In the Administration tree, select System > Engineering > Timer > Delete operator log entries.
  1. In the Object Properties view, you can enter the following parameters under Misc:
  • Action Parameter: To delete entries, enter disabled=true. To deactivate the function, enter disabled=false. The operator log is not deleted, but the status of the operator log is logged in the database. To change the maximum number of entries in the Message List view, set the entries_to_keep to the required number.
  • Cycle iterations: To perform the action repeatedly, keep the default setting -1. To deactivate the timer, enter 0.
  • Cycle duration: Define the time interval between two delete operations. By default, the time interval is set to 8,6400,000 ms, which means that the function will be performed once a day.
  • Start Time: You can enter a start time for deleting log entries.