The Rate Message window displays information for the following functions:

  • Messages
  • Events
  • Scheduled events

Once a message is displayed in the Rate Message window, its status changes to seen.

Several events can be displayed. You can switch between the events by clicking on the corresponding tab in the header.

Information in Rate Message Windows

The Rate Message window offers the following information:

  • Properties for the selected message type
  • Additional information
  • Status bar with favorites
  • Buttons for functions

Buttons in the Rate Message Window

You can start several actions from the Rate Message window by using the following buttons:



Creates an event from the current message

Adds message to an existing event

Suspends an event

Closes an event

Starts an event

Assigns appropriate messages of the last hour to an event.

Prints an event, message or scheduled event

Operation Procedure Steps Tab

Operation procedure steps and workflows are displayed in the Rate Message window.

The information is hierarchically structured as follows:

Operation Procedure Step Blocks

These blocks define a handling sequence of operation procedure steps. All operation procedure steps that are included in one operation procedure step block need to be performed before you can continue with the operation procedure steps of the next block.

Operation Procedure Steps

Operation procedure steps can be manual or automatic depending on the configuration. The following types are possible:

  • Commands to the detectors or alarm systems
  • Text notices to the current users, for example for displaying manual operation procedure steps to be performed.
  • Activation of favorites (HTML, graphics, etc.)
  • Time delays and else

Feedback on Operation Procedure Steps

Depending on the operation procedure step and the processing status, appropriate feedback is displayed. Failed operation procedure steps are marked with .