Perspectives can contain different trees.

Sorting Tree Nodes Manually

  1. Drag & Drop the tree node to the desired position. The following options are possible:
  • An additional bar is displayed when placing the cursor between two tree nodes.
  • A tree node is highlighted, when placing the cursor directly on a tree node.
  • If it is not permitted to insert a tree node at a certain position, this will be indicated by the symbol
  1. Release the mouse button.

Sorting Tree Nodes Automatically

  • The Engineering perspective is displayed.
  1. Click the tree node for which you want to automatically sort the subordinate tree notes.
  1. Select Sort Nodes (Child Nodes of Selection).
  1. Select the sorting options.
  1. Click Finish.

Deleting Tree Nodes

  1. In a tree, right-click an object and select Delete Node(s).
  1. Click Yes.
  • The object is deleted from the tree but remains in the database.