Configuring Print Templates for Access Route Plans

  • The Graphics Editor perspective is displayed.
  1. In the Graphics Tree view, double-click a print template under Print templates > Access route printout > Access route printout page.
  1. Edit the print template. For more information refer to: Print Templates.
  1. Keep the default settings for the header and footer, since the assigned areas will be added automatically.
  1. In the Legend table, add the icons used.
  1. Click  Save

Printing Access Route Plans

  • The Access Route Plans perspective is displayed.
  • A printer has been configured.
  • The Active and Printable check boxes in the Create/Edit Sequence Element dialog box have been marked.
  1. In the Fire Detector Groups view, you have the following options:
  • Right-click a fire detector and select Print Access Route Plan.
  • Select and right-click several fire detectors and select Print Access Route Plan.
  1. Select a printer.
  1. Decide on the number of copies for the printout and click Print.
  • The printing progress appears both in an own window and the Progress view.
  • If you have configured a default printer, the printout is printed out directly with its attachment(s). It contains all defined template pages (such as text information, graphics sequences) and additionally all attached PDF files in the given order of the graphics tree.
  • If you have configured CUPS-PDF as a printer, the printout with the same content is stored on the server’s file system (usually under /var/spool/CUPS-PDF/anonymous).