By default, the default configuration is not loaded when the server is started to prevent changes made due to overwriting after a start. After a migration, the default configuration is always loaded. You can configure whether the default configuration is to be adopted when the server starts.

  1. In the menu bar, select Window > Preferences.
  1. Select Siveillance Control > Server Settings.
  1. You can specify the following parameters:
  • During Server Startup: Specify whether or not to import the default configuration during server startup.
  • Data Backup Directory: Specify the path to store data backups. The default path is: /usr/share/viewpoint/localhost/backups.
  • Offset for Bookmark of Recorded Video (in Seconds): Set the offset time to bookmark the recorded video. This will act as evidence of when the incident started. The default value is 180 sec.
  • Select Alarm Monitor Layout: Select the same layout that you have selected in the VMS video client for the alarm monitor.
  • Alarm Monitor Active: Make sure that the check box is marked if you want video information to be displayed on the alarm monitor, whenever there is an incoming event, for example video alarm. Otherwise unmark the checkbox.
  1. Click OK.