The import settings only apply if objects with the source ID are already saved in accordance with the import file in Siveillance Control. However, in case of a reimport, the new objects from the import file are compared to the existing objects in Siveillance Control based on the source ID. During the first import, the import settings have no impact. However, during a reimport the import settings impact the import results for identical objects if Merge was selected in the advanced import settings. Conflicts can arise, for which the following conflict resolution strategies exist:

  • Keep: The attribute value for the existing object is retained without exception.
  • Amend: If the relevant attribute value is set for the existing object, this value is retained. If no attribute value is set, the value is transferred from the object being imported.
  • Force Overwrite: The attribute values of the existing object are overwritten by the attribute values of the object being imported without exception.
  • Overwrite: If no attribute value is set for the object being imported, any arbitrary attribute value set for the existing object is retained.