In the event of a fire, the fire services use the route plans to direct them from the fire alarm control panel or fire department command center to the detector group that triggered the alarm. The route plans are created according to regulatory requirements, which may differ depending on the administrative district and are subject to the connection regulations for fire alarm systems of the local fire department.


The prerequisites for creating access route plans are as follows:

  • Building graphics are available.
  • The building graphics must be calibrated if the access routes are drawn as annotations.
  • The Location Tree is available and divided into buildings, floors, rooms.
  • The nodes of the Location Tree have been assigned to the corresponding area types (for example building, floor, room).
  • The detector data has been imported into the System Tree.
  • The individual detectors have been combined into a detector group.
  • The individual detectors have been configured in the Location Tree.

Procedure Steps

To create access route plans in Siveillance Control, proceed as follows: