The Synchronize command for an active OIS connection results in the following error message:

The following causes are possible:

Wrong Vu-Handler Configuration

The Vu-Handler configuration does not work.

  1. Open the *.pcf file on the OIS.
  1. Check if the following parameters are configured correctly:

OIS Connection Settings


Gateway name

Number of gateway, for example 1

IE Call Path


IE Host Name

IP address of OIS host

Namespace Reference (Corba)


OAI Address

IP address of the client

OI Name

For example vualoxerv

OI Unit Type Name

For example vualoxerv 1.0

PLC Name

For example plc

Wrong OIS Configuration

The OIS configuration does not work.

  1. Check if you can upload your configuration to the OIS with the Upload Gateway command.
  1. Check if the operation was performed successfully.