• The Engineering perspective is displayed.
  • The file dasi.tar with the saved data exported from GMA-Manager is available.

Only unencrypted backup files can be imported.

  1. On the toolbar, click  Import Data.
  1. In the Data channel field, select the entry GMA-Manager 8.x backup file.
  1. In the file selection dialog, select the file dasi.tar and click Next.
  1. If you want to import custom object properties only, mark the Reimport for Libero Fields check box. NOTICE! Custom object properties can only be assigned to existing objects if the same source IDs are used as in the previous import.
  1. In the Import Detector with Wildcard drop-down list, select how to import GMA-Manager data points with one or more wildcard dots '.', for example 01/11*1 .. . You have the following options:
  • As Placeholder: The dot '.' is interpreted as a placeholder in a regular address of a single detector or detector group.
  • As Sum Detector: The dot '.' is interpreted as wildcard for sum detectors.
  1. Accept the default settings in the Advanced Settings dialog box and click Next. For more information refer to: Advanced Import Settings.
  1. Select the import settings. For more information refer to Import Settings.
  1. Click Finish.
  • The GMA-Manager data has been imported into Siveillance Control and is displayed in the location tree and graphic tree in the same structure as in GMA-Manager.
  1. Check the Tasks view and correct any inconsistencies caused by the import. For more information refer to: Processing Configuration Errors and Warnings.