Before importing graphics, make sure that they fulfill the following requirements.

Possible Graphic File Formats and Size

You can import the following graphic file formats: :

File Format

Recommended Size

Maximum Size



Up to 7 MB

10 MB

AutoCAD Drawing format. Possible detector positions and a layer structure can be extracted.


Up to 25 MB

40 MB

AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Format. Possible detector positions can be extracted.


Up to 20 MB

30 MB

Internal file format for graphics from GMA-Manager, SIS and TIPSIS.


Up to 2 MB

5 MB

Compressed image file.


Up to 2 MB

5 MB

Compressed image file with color palette. Animations are not supported. In the case of animated GIFs, only the first frame of the entire graphic is displayed.


Up to 2 MB

5 MB

Compressed image file.

Raster Graphics Resolution (JPG, GIF, PNG)

Raster graphics are displayed with a screen resolution of 96 dpi. To prevent display delays, do not import graphics with larger resolutions.

Requirements for AutoCAD Graphics (DWG, DXF)

AutoCAD graphics can be imported in DWG and DXF format. You can also import referenced graphics, short XRef, if the subdirectory structure is the same as the structure in AutoCAD. The folder structure of the file system, where the imported graphics are saved, must be the same as the folder structure in AutoCAD. If the following requirements are met, AutoCAD images can be imported trouble-free and detector positions and devices can be adapted automatically:

  • Version: AutoCAD 2.5 to AutoCAD 2015
  • One image per floor
  • Format: 2D
  • A layered structure such as:
    • Building structure
    • Furniture
    • Electrical installation
    • Fire alarm technology
    • Burglar alarm technology
  • Layers which are not to be imported are deactivated or frozen.
  • Detectors and devices are named with a consistent scheme such as:
    • Fire detector 82/123/1
    • Fire detector 82/123/2