The integrated power supply provides 6 DC 24 V power outputs. These power outputs are used to connect amplifiers or other components.

Power supply DC 24 V power output connectors

DC 24 V power output connectors 'Out-1' to 'Out-6'

Power Supply DC 24 V power output connectors 'Out-1' to 'Out-6'





DC 0 V

Power output


DC 24 V

Power output

Each output can supply amplifiers with up to 500 W and is secured with internal fuse of 30 A.

The connectors can handle wires with a cross-section of 6.0 mm2. Use wires with at least a cross-section of 2.5 mm2 to connect amplifiers.

It is required to route a pair of DC 24 V power output wires through a ferrite core provided as accessories with the power supply.

The ferrite cores should be mounted close to the DC 24 V power output connector.

Route a pair of DC 24 V wires through a ferrite core