Up to 2x 24 V battery sets can be mounted to the power supply via connectors 'Bat+' and 'Bat-'. Each 24 V battery set consists of 2x 12 V batteries and can have a capacity of up to 320 Ah.

One battery set can be mounted in PC1002-A3.

Ensure that batteries are fully charged before installation.

Power supply 24 V battery connectors
Power supply 24 V battery connectors 'Bat+' and 'Bat-'





Bat 1 +

Battery Set 1 Plus


Bat 2 +

Battery Set 2 Plus


Bat 1 -

Battery Set 1 Minus


Bat 2 -

Battery Set 2 Minus


Bat 1 M

Battery Set 1 middle contact


Bat 2 M

Battery Set 2 middle contact

The battery wiring is very important. The wiring should introduce a minimum possible resistance into the battery circuit.

A suitable fuse should be installed close to the positive battery terminal.

It is recommended to use wires with a cross section of 25 mm2 to connect the batteries. Wires with a cross section of 16 mm2 are permissible with low capacity batteries and low current consumption when in the alarm mode.

The center of a battery set must be connected to the corresponding terminal M. This is necessary for the voltage equalization of the batteries in that battery set. Wires with a cross section of 0.75 mm2 shall be used. The connection must be protected with a fuse of 0.5...2 AF near the battery.

Wiring diagram for 1x battery set


Battery fuse

Battery separator/fuse, positive conductor


Battery separator/fuse, equalizing charge conductor


Battery block 1


Battery block 2

Power unit terminal


Conductor color

Bat 24 V 1/+

Battery +24 V


Bat 24 V 1/-

Battery – 0 V


Bat 1/M

Equalizing charge connection for battery block 1


Bat 2/M

Equalizing charge connection for battery block 2


  • The battery connection cables must be as short as possible.
  • The positive and negative conductors must be routed together, either slightly twisted or in a spiral cable.
  • The minimum distance between two battery cable sets must be 15 cm.
  • The temperature sensor must be positioned directly next to the batteries.
  • The battery separator/fuse must be mounted as close as possible to the battery terminals.
  • The temperature sensor and the battery separators/fuses are pre-assembled in the cabinet. The battery separators/fuses are mounted on the DIN rail.