Electrical voltage

Electric shock

  1. Work on electrical installations may only be carried out by certified electricians or by instructed persons working under the guidance and supervision of a certified electrician, in accordance with the electrotechnical regulations.
Noncompliance with the following safety regulations

Risk of injury to persons and damage to property

  1. Compliance with the following regulations is required.

  • Specialist electrotechnical knowledge is required for installation.
  • Installation must be performed by a specialist.

If the installation is not performed properly, this could invalidate the electrical safety precautions, which would not be obvious to non-experts.

Preparatory work

  • Before working on the system, check that the mains supply line is de-energized.
  • Check that the supply system is protected against being switched on unintentionally.
  • The mains connection is positioned at the top.
  • The system features one terminal block for the 1-phase mains connection cables.
  • The central grounding point of the cabinet is wired to the PE terminal at the factory.
  • The inlets and outlets of the primary wiring must be routed in the cable ducts.
  • Live cables must not be routed in the same cable ducts as data cables.