The active end of line component 'EOL3 (active)' PCA2004-A1 is used in voice-alarm systems to monitor the 100 V speaker lines. With the connected PCA2004-A1, a digital audio matrix can monitor the speaker line for short circuit, open lines and ground fault.

The PCA2004-A1 can be used in 100 V speaker lines with stub or tree / star configuration.

The PCA2004-A1 can be connected to the digital audio matrices 'Digital audio matrix (4/4/4)' PC2001-A1, 'Digital audio matrix (0/4/4)' PC2002-A1 and 'Digital audio matrix (4/4/16)' PC2003-A1.

The PCA2004-A1 can't be used with the digital audio matrices 'Digital audio matrix no supervision (4/4/0)' PC2005-A1 and 'Digital audio matrix no supervision (0/4/0)' PC2006-A1.