A voice alarm system is safety equipment that protects people, buildings, and facilities using alarms.

In order for it to satisfy this requirement, the voice alarm system must be maintained at regular intervals. The maintenance intervals are defined by the EN 54 standard that applies within the European Union, and are also subject to national and local requirements.

The voice alarm system must be serviced in order to function properly. The voice alarm system consists of components whose function may be impaired by ambient conditions and aging.

The servicing of a voice alarm system is regulated in the scope of the EN 54 standard.

Manufacturer's recommendation

To service the voice alarm system, the following tasks should be carried out at regular intervals:

  • Visually inspect the components for damage or possible sources of error.
  • Inspect the system parts four times a year; this includes testing the emergency tones and messages.
  • Perform annual maintenance; this includes inspecting and checking the power supply and emergency power supply.
  • Replace batteries no later than the intervals specified in the information provided by the battery manufacturer.
  • Manage an operating log for documenting system messages, shutdowns, and servicing work.

The frequency of inspections and servicing work depends on the ambient conditions.

Shorter inspection intervals may be required if voice alarm systems are being used in critical ambient conditions – for example, in rooms with a high concentration of dust, high levels of air humidity, or significant temperature fluctuations.