Connect PT2009-A1 via copper Ethernet cable (CAT5) with PN1002-A1 or PN2009-A1.

Daisy chain wiring of multiple PT2009-A1 with PN1002-A1 or PN2009-A1 in standard use case


Cerberus PACE Compact cabinet


External 'Desk call station (RS485, 8+1)' PT2009-A1 with accessories


'RS485 module (1 port)' PN1002-A1 or

'RS485 module (1 port, DIN rail)' PN2009-A1


Wiring to PN2009-A1


Copper Ethernet cable (CAT5) with RJ45 connector, connecting PN2009-A1 to the first PT2009-A1


Copper Ethernet cable (CAT5) with RJ45 connector, connecting one PT2009-A1 to the next

The figure above displays a wiring example of multiple PT2009-A1 being connected to one cabinet. This wiring can be utilized in standard use case only.

All the connected PT2009-A1 share one analog audio input channel. Therefore, only one PT2009-A1 can be active at the same time.

An open circuit outside the cabinet affects all connected PT2009-A1 and a short circuit outside of the cabinet will affect all connected PT2009-A1.