The program channels of the connected digital audio matrix can be controlled with the 'Remote control panel' PT2006-A1.

The PT2006-A1 is powered by DC 24 V and communicates via 'PACE-Bus' (RS485) with the digital audio matrix.

Up to 8 PT2006-A1 can be connected to one digital audio matrix.

The PT2006-A1 can be mounted in the cabinet or outside of the cabinet. The PT2006-A1 is designed to fit in a flush-mounted box.

If the PT2006-A1 is mounted outside of the cabinet, it is required to do the following:

  • Secure the internal 24 V power supply voltage with a DC/DC converter PCA2011-A1 or PCA2018-A1
  • Use an earth ground fault monitor PCA2001-A1 on the 24 V wiring
  • Isolate the internal 'PACE-Bus' (RS485) with the RS485 isolator PNA2009-A1