The external power supply 'Merawex ZSP135 DR-7A-3 40 Ah' PP2004-A1 is a wall-mounted power supply with batteries and the following connections:

  • 230 V mains connection via power supply terminals
  • 1x DC 24 V battery connection
  • 2x DC 24 V supply outputs to supply external components
  • Input for pre-assembled temperature sensor
  • 2x plug connections for the supply system and battery monitoring signaling function to supply external components
Wiring diagram for the batteries in the PP2004-A1


Battery separator, positive conductor

Battery +

Positive connection terminal DC 24 V

Battery -

Negative connection terminal DC 0 V

  • The battery connection cables must be as short as possible.
  • The positive and negative conductors must be routed together, either slightly twisted or in a spiral cable.
  • The temperature sensor must be positioned directly next to the batteries.
  • The battery separator must be mounted as close as possible to the battery's positive terminal.