PT2001-A1 redundant power supply from a cabinet


Cerberus PACE Compact cabinet


External 'Desk call station (19 buttons)' PT2001-A1 with accessories


DC/DC converter 'MeanWell SD-50B-24 DC/DC Converter (50W)' PCA2011-A1 or 'MeanWell SD-100B-24 DC/DC Converter (100W)' PCA2018-A1


'Ground fault monitoring (24V)' PCA2001-A1


Fuse holder with fuse 1 A


'Call station interface (redundant)' PTO2009-A1. See Call station interface (redundant) PTO2009


DC 24 V wiring to 'Desk call station (19 buttons)' PT2001-A1 or other components

A ground fault monitor PCA2001-A1 must be used when the PT2001-A1 is powered from a cabinet with a DC/ DC converter PCA2011-A1 or PCA2018-A1.

If the DC 24 V is used for other external components, a separate fuse holder with a 1 A fuse is required for each component.

A PTO2009-A1 must be used to connect the PT2001-A1 with 2 separate DC 24 V cables from one cabinet or different cabinets. Each DC 24 V cable requires a fuse holder with a 1 A fuse mounted in the cabinet.