In Off-Mode the amplifiers and the speaker line supervisions are deactivated. All other components are disconnected from DC 24 V power.

This mode is used to:

  • reset the hardware of the system.
  • prepare the system for a disconnection of the DC 24 V supply.
  • change the hardware setup of the system (not for change of amplifier).

Start Off-Mode

Press the service button for at least 5s to start the Off-Mode.

Stop Service-Mode

Press the service button for about 1s to stop the Off-Mode.

Or re-connect the DC 24 V power supply.

Indication of Off-Mode

The Off-Mode is indicated by:

  • The Operate-LED of the digital audio matrix board changes to red.
  • The fault relay is activated.
  • All indicators, including the “System ON”, of the PT1001 or PT1002 are deactivated.
  • PACE-Design cannot connect to the system.