The integrated power supply of the 'voice alarm panel Compact 1000' PC1002-A3 is similar to Merawex ZDSO-400-DR2 320 Ah' PP2003-A1. It is mounted and preassembled in the cabinet and provides the following connections:

  • 230 V IEC plug connection
  • Temperature sensor input
  • 6x DC 24 V outputs for supplying power to the amplifiers via connection cables with ferrite toroidal core decoupling
  • 2x DC 24 V outputs for supplying power to the network modules
  • 4x screw terminals for max. 2x 24 V battery banks
  • 2x screw terminals for one equalizing charge connection per battery bank
  • 2x connections for external error display
  • 3x connections with potential-free relay contacts for supply system and battery monitoring
  • 1x Ethernet port