The switches are used to build a 'PACE-Net' communication network and to connect 'PACE-Net' digital audio matrices, 'PACE-Net' call stations, Cerberus PACE Compact systems or a PC with the configuration tool 'PACE-Design' installed. The Ethernet switch 'Planet IGS-10020MT Ethernet Switch' PN2005-A1 allows to build a redundant Ethernet ring structure. It can also be used for tree and chain structures.

PN2005-A1 network connectors

The ports 1 to 8 are CAT5 copper Ethernet (RJ45, 10/100/1000Base-T) sockets.

The ports 9 and 10 are fiber optic slots for inserting SPF modules.

You can insert these SPF modules:

  • PNA2002-A1: 'Planet MGB-LX FOI Adapter', single mode, 10 km, 1310 nm
  • PNA2003-A1: 'Planet MGB-SX FOI Adapter', multi-mode, 550 m, 850 nm
  • PNA2004-A1: 'D-Link DEM-211 FOI Adapter', multi-mode, 2 km, 1310 nm

PNA2004-A1 is required to establish a fiber optic connection to 'Ethernet switch (2x4/2)' PN2001-A1.