The PT2009-A1 is internally pre-installed.

The PT2009-A1 offers RJ45 (J1, J2) connectors at the back of the housing to connect it with the Cerberus PACE Compact cabinet via a copper Ethernet cable (CAT5). This cable is used to connect the 24 V, the 'PACE-Bus' (RS485), the analog audio inputs and the analog audio outputs.

In the system cabinet PTO2008-A1, PN1002-A1 or PN2009-A1 is used to route all required signals to a copper Ethernet cable (CAT5). See Call station interface (RS485) PTO2008-A1, Mount and install PN1002-A1 and RS485 module (1 port, DIN rail) PN2009-A1.

Up to 4 PT2009-A1 can be connected to one digital audio matrix board via one PTO2008-A1, PN1002-A1 or PN2009-A1 in a daisy chain configuration.

Use electrically isolated 'PACE-Bus' (RS485) and DC 24 V to ensure that a short circuit outside the cabinet has no impact to the signals and functions in the cabinet.

A fuse on the PTO2008-A1 protects the isolated DC 24 V power supply, so that other connected components still work in case of a short circuit.

PCA2011-A1 and PCA2018-A1 provide isolated DC 24 V.

The PCA2001-A1 detects a ground fault on the 24 V wiring to PT2009-A1.

The PNA2009-A1 provides an isolated 'PACE-Bus' (RS485).

The PN1002-A1 and PN2009-A1 provide isolated DC 24 V,isolated 'PACE-Bus' (RS485) and isolated analog audio input and output. They also detect a ground fault on the 24 V wiring to connected components.