The 'Voice alarm panel Compact 400' PC1001-A3 and the 'Voice alarm panel Compact 1000' PC1002-A3 cabinets are mounted on the wall with 4 screws. A position for the cabinet should be defined. All peripheral cable entrances are on the top of the cabinet.

The cabinet has ventilation openings on both sides. Make sure the cabinet is mounted with a minimum distance of 10 cm to the next side wall and 20 cm between the two cabinets.

The cabinets can be mounted on top of each other.

A wall which can support heavy loads should be selected. The maximum weight of the cabinet, with 100 Ah batteries, is about 140 kg.

The enclosed drilling jig is used to mark the holes for the anchors. Use the correct anchors for your kind of wall.

Make sure that the batteries are not installed during the mounting.

At least 2 people are needed to lift the cabinet in the right position and screw it to the wall.

The batteries are inserted only when the cabinet is secured on the wall.

The figure below indicates the delivery state of the 'Voice alarm panel Compact 400' PC1001-A3 cabinet with the door open (the 'Voice alarm panel Compact 1000' PC1002-A3 cabinet is similar). The digital audio matrix board with some daughter boards and 2 amplifiers PV1001-A1, the power supply, some connectors and cable trays are pre-installed in the cabinet.

Optional components with DIN rail connectors are mounted in the DIN rail area on the left side of the cabinet.