The 'PACE-Net' 'Desk call station (19 buttons)' PT2001-A1 is designed to be placed on a desk.

It can be extended with up to 4 'Desk call station extension (24 buttons)' PTO2001-A1, each with 24 buttons to a maximum of 115 buttons.

The buttons can be labeled with insertable labels.

With a key switch extension PTO2002-A1 or PTO2003-A1, the buttons are locked and can be unlocked to use the buttons.

A micro SD card 'ATP AF2GUD-2*** SD 2 GB Card' PCA2002-A1 can be inserted into the micro SD card slot to store and play messages.

The PT2001-A1 and PTO2001-A1 can be mounted in the front of a 19” cabinet with a 'Mounting kit DCS (19"/5HU)' PTO2005-A1.

The attached microphone can be exchanged with the better and longer 'ITEC SPM-DM microphone DCS' PTO2004-A1 via a XLR plug on the PTO2001-A1.