Only the 'Power amplifier (1x200W)' PV1001-A1 can be mounted in the 'Voice alarm panel Compact 400' PC1001-A3 cabinet. Other amplifier types are not allowed.

The power amplifiers PV1001-A1 are mounted in the amplifier mounting area. Up to 6 PV1001-A1 can be mounted in one PC1001-A3 cabinet.

There are 2 amplifiers pre-mounted on position 'Amp 1' and 'Amp 2'. The additional amplifiers are mounted on the selected position. Each one is fixed with 2 screws. The amplifier on position 'Amp 5' is used as the pilot tone amplifier. The amplifier on position 'Amp 6' is used as a backup amplifier. These two amplifiers can’t be used as regular amplifiers with speaker lines connected.

Make sure that the system is in Off-Mode and the DC 24 V power is disconnected before the power amplifiers PV1001-A1 are mounted.

PC1001-A3 mount power amplifiers
Plug the enclosed jumpers to the correct connectors

The amplifiers do not work without jumpers.