In order to establish the connection between the OIS and Siveillance Control servers, you have to create the root certificate in OIS Tools and then import it on the respective Siveillance Control server.

Creating the Root Certificate in OIS Tools

  • OIS Tools is displayed.
  • The LAN connection between OIS and Siveillance Control servers has been established.
  1. In OIS Tools, select Settings > Certificates.
  1. Right-click Root CA and select Save Link As.
  1. Click Save.
  • The OIS root certificate is saved and created.

Importing the Certificate to Siveillance Control Servers

  • The OIS Root Certificate has been created.
  • A tool which supports SCP for transferring files between Windows and LINUX systems is available, for example WinSCP.
  • The password for the certificate key KEYSTOREPASSWORD has been provided by the Siemens service technician or hotline.
  1. Rename the certificate from root.crt (for example) to OIS-VP.crt (CERTIFICATEFILE).
  1. Copy the certificate using scp/WinSCP to the user directory on both the Siveillance Control servers. The most appropriate target directory is /home/[user].
  1. Confirm your input by entering yes.
  1. Enter the password you defined.
  1. To install the certificate, perform the following script on both the servers under /home/[user] by replacing the values below:
    /usr/share/viewpoint/bin/ –p KEYSTOREPASSWORD –f CERTIFICATEFILE
  • KEYSTOREPASSWORD: Replace with the actual key store password of Siveillance Control.
  • CERTIFICATEFILE: Replace with the actual file location of the OIS root certificate path.
  1. Continue with the creation of the OIS connection in Siveillance Control. For more information refer to: Creating and Editing the OIS Connection.