The data points file needs to be transferred to the Siveillance Control server. For some subsystems, you have to create this file first.

Creating the Data Points File

Once the configuration has been uploaded, OIS does not automatically create the subsystem data points file for integration in Siveillance Control.

This information applies to the following systems:

SiPass, SIPORT and Transliner Pro.

Perform the following steps to generate the subsystem data points file:

  1. In the navigation pane, select the site and afterwards the gateway that you have created.
  1. Select a Vu-Handler unit.
  1. Click VU Start.
  1. Wait until UPDATE_END appears.
  1. Click Stop.

Transferring the Data Points File to Siveillance Control

Once the configuration has been uploaded, OIS automatically creates the subsystem data points file for integration in Siveillance Control for some subsystems.

The file is saved in the following format: vu_dp-[gateway_name]-[component_name]-[vu_unit_name]-[unit_name].xml

  • A tool which supports SCP for transferring files between Windows and LINUX systems is available, for example WinSCP.
  • The subsystem data points file is available.
  1. Open the following directory on the OIS computer:
    /var/lib/ois/localhost/[gateway name]/engineering/etc
  1. Copy the file using WinSCP or USB stick to the Siveillance Control client computer.
  1. If you copy the file for FS20 and multiple FS20 panels were networked, one file exists for each FS20 control panel. You then have to import all files into Siveillance Control.
  1. Continue with the subsystem configuration in Siveillance Control. For more information refer to: Subsystem Integration in Siveillance Control.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that you must import the data points file in Siveillance Control later. Note the file name and directory where the data points file is stored.