After creating a site, you can add gateways. Gateways contain several units.

  • The pardat.ois license file has been uploaded.
  1. In the navigation pane, select the site that you have created.
  1. Select Add gateway.
  1. Enter a gateway name. Use a number or text that matches the gateway number or text in the pardat.ois license file.
  1. Select a template from the Template drop-down list.




Viewpoint ⇔ BACnet


Viewpoint ⇔ SIGMASYS/D100/SM88


Viewpoint ⇔ FS20

IC Transliner

Viewpoint ⇔ Transliner


Viewpoint ⇔ SIGMASYS/D100/SM88


Viewpoint (Websocket) ⇔ SiPass using Access DM


Viewpoint ⇔ SIPORT using Access DM


Viewpoint ⇔ SPC

Siveillance Intrusion (NOX)

Viewpoint ⇔ Transliner Pro

Desigo CC

Viewpoint ⇔ DesigoCC

  1. Click Create.
  1. Enter a description.
  1. If necessary, enter the IP address of the OIS server in the Manager text field and click P.
  1. If OIS is installed on the runtime server, enter localhost in the Manager text field.
  1. Click Submit.
  • The gateway with all units defined in the template is created.
  • Continue as follows:
  • D100, IC Transliner and SIGMASYS: Continue with the configuration of MOXA. For more information refer to: Configuring MOXA NPort.