When there is a change in the VU data points list of the subsystem, the management station does not receive any configuration change messages, by default. To receive the configuration change messages, perform the following steps:

  • OIS Tools has been started.
  • The FS20 or Siveillance Intrusion subsystem has been configured in OIS Tools.
  1. In the navigation pane, select the site and afterwards the gateway that you have created.
  1. Select the Vu-Handler unit, for example engineering.
  1. In the Required or non-default attributes tab, click Add.
  1. In the Attribute @ [Site]/[Gateway]/[engineering] dialog box, enter the following data:
  • Name: Select the status_dp_config_change attribute from the drop-down list.
  • Value not strict field: Enter the value 1 in the input field.
  1. Click Ok.

When there are multiple Vu-Handler units for a subsystem, then the above steps need to be performed for each Vu-Handler unit individually to receive the configuration change messages in the management station.