Debian as Operating System

Siveillance Control requires Debian (components as technically released) as system requirement/operating system. Debian is available free of charge and a Debian ISO image is included in Siemens scope.

In case that the customer provides Debian for installation or updates on behalf and does not want to use the included Debian ISO image, we recommend installation with internet access. The customer can only do this if he takes full responsibility for the consequences under contract law. You can download debian-11.x.0-amd64-netinst.iso from The installation steps might be slightly different.

General Requirements

  • The subsystem is installed, up and running.
  • An interface to the management system is configured on the subsystem side.
  • The pardat.ois license file is available. Contact the Siemens service technician or hotline to obtain the license file: Make sure that the name of the gateway is configured in the license file.
  • The ISO image OIS-sc-3.0.xx.xxxx-debian11-small.iso is available.
  • When installing the operating system on a Virtual Machine (VM), Open VM Tools needs to be downloaded from
  • A tool which supports SCP for transferring files between Windows and LINUX systems is available, for example WinSCP.
  • The systems are connected over the network and can also access each other.

Furthermore, the following subsystem-specific requirements apply:

FS20 Requirements

  • The ports of the router are activated for BACnet. The firewall and network settings need to be defined to allow the UDP packets of the port defined with the bbs_interface attribute flow through (default = 47808).
  • Fire Dynamics Tools (FDT) is used by default. For more information refer to: Specific FS20 Attributes.

SiPass Requirements

The following TCP-IP ports are opened:

  • 8744 (default port): This port is used to communicate from SiPass Cu-Handler to SiPass Integrated Management Station API.
  • 8745 (default port): This port is used to communicate from SiPass HRAPI to OIS SiPass Interface.

SIPORT Requirements

The communication between OIS and the SIPORT subsystem is unencrypted. For a secure communication, it is recommended to install the Cu-Handler in a virtual machine. The virtual machine is created on the same machine where the SIPORT subsystem is installed.

  1. Create a virtual machine on the SIPORT machine. For more information refer to Installing Debian on Virtual Machine.
  1. Configure the Cu-Handler for remote access. For more information refer to Configuring the Cu-Handler for Remote Access.