In Siveillance Control, to identify a Managed Object Type (MOT) from a subsytem, MOTs in Siveillance Control must be mapped to MOTs in the subsystem. This MOT mapping must be configured in OIS.

To configure MOT mapping for Desigo CC, perform the following steps: OIS Tools has been started.

  • OIS Tools has been started.
  1. In the Configure tab’s navigation pane, select the site and afterwards the gateway that you have created.
  1. Click the plc unit.
  1. Click the mot_mapping.csv file under the etc folder.
  1. If the etc folder or mot_mapping.csv file is not available under the etc folder, add a folder named etc and upload the mot_mapping.csv file under the etc folder from the following path: /usr/share/doc/ois/cudesigocc/data/.
  • The file is opened in the right pane.
  1. Configure the MOT mapping file according to the MOT mapping format. For more information, refer to MOT Mapping Layout.
  1. Click the Save icon.
  1. Click Upload in the OIS Gateway.
  • The MOT mapping configuration is complete.

MOT Mapping Layout

A sample MOT mapping layout in the right pane is shown and explained below:

A MOT mapping entry displays in the following format: point_type_id;point_name;mot

  • point_type_id – ID of the data point type, for example, point_type_id for BA is 50
  • point_name – Name of a particular data point
  • mot MOT for a particular data point

The sample MOT mapping is explained as below:

50;AO_1;ALX_MOT_TBS_DETECTOR1 – Refer to line number 8 in the screenshot.

A MOT ALX_MOT_TBS_DETECTOR1 is mapped to a data point AO_1 with the point type id 50.