Before you can configure FS20 in OIS Tools, you have to prepare the FS20 Cu-Handler by configuring FS20 and exporting the data points file.

FS20 Configuration

The configuration is performed using SintesoWorks FXS2002 (FS20 configuration tool from Siemens). In the configuration, the BACnetDeviceID of the Cu-Handler that is configured with the my_device_instance attribute needs to be enabled as a communication partner. This attribute later needs to be set for the FS20 Cu-Handler unit. For more information refer to: Specific FS20 Attributes.

Exporting FS20 Data Points File

You have to export the SiB-X.xml file in order to be able to import data later. You also have to repeat this process every time something changes in the configuration.

  • SintesoWorks FXS2002 is available.
  1. Start SintesoWorks FXS2002.
  1. Upload the current configuration in the FS20 control panel. The configuration always needs to be up-to-date.
  1. Export the SiB-X.xml file to an external data medium. The file name must not contain spaces or umlauts.
  1. Continue with the subsystem configuration with OIS Tools. For more information refer to: Subsystem Configuration with OIS Tools.