After finishing the gateway configuration, you have to upload the configuration in OIS.

  1. In the navigation pane, select the site and afterwards the gateway that you have created.
  1. Click Upload.
  1. Click Start.
  • The upload is performed.
  • OIS checks the license on basis of the configured units.
  • If no or an insufficient license file is available, OIS will run for 96 hours and then be automatically exited. To run OIS for another 69 hours until a proper license is available, start it manually.
  • If one or more configured file is not registered in the license file, the Success [ with temporary license ] message is displayed indicating the missing license(s).
  • If the upload was performed correctly, the Success message appears.
  1. Click Close.
  • All necessary software packages are installed during the initial startup.
  1. Continue with the transfer of the data points file to Siveillance Control. For more information refer to: Transferring the Data Points File.