Installing Debian on a virtual machine (VM) works the same way as the installation on a computer, but with additional requirements.

  • The OIS server VM fulfills the following requirements: HDD ≥ 60 GB, 2 cores, up to 8 GB RAM or 24 GB for several integrations or very large facilities. The RAM is essentially dependent on the number of data points. The more data points, the more RAM is required. For example, 24 GB are required, if the number of data points exceeds 150,000.
  1. Create the Guest operating system and select Other Linux (64-bit).
  1. Mount the Debian ISO file in the DVD drive of the virtual machine. For more information refer to: Mounting Debian ISO File in VMware vSphere/ESXi (Hypervisor Type 1).
  1. Complete the installation of Debian.
  1. Install the Open Virtual Machine Tools. For more information refer to: Installing Open Virtual Machine Tools.