Alarm System

An alarm system is the control panel for a security setup. It represents a specific type of the subsystem which detects potential dangers and automatically triggers an alarm or a message. An alarm or a message triggered by the alarm system is transmitted through OIS to the management system, such as Siveillance Control for example. Typically, an alarm system consists of several detectors and a control panel which are interconnected. Furthermore, it is equipped with a transmission device and a visual or acoustic sounder. For more information refer to: Hazard Alarm System.


Coupling means a connection to the subsystem. The Cu-Handler couples the subsystem with the OIS.

Cu-Handler Unit

Cu-Handler unit ensures communication between OIS and the subsystem. By default, this unit is generally named like the subsystem.

External System

An external system is a system or device connected to the management system. It provides messages, state updates or additional functionality, for example alarm system, video management station or email server.


One gateway is configured in the OIS for each connection to the subsystem. Several gateways can be created in the OIS. A gateway contains several units.


Integration is understood as the way in which the subsystem is represented in Siveillance Control.

OIS Component

An OIS component contains all OIS data points that belong to a subsystem. OIS components can be started and stopped. This automatically establishes or interrupts the OIS connection.

OIS Connection

The OIS connection provides the physical network connection to one or multiple OIS components.

PLC Unit

PLC unit (Programmable Logic Controller unit) is a unit that contains the OIS logic and ensures communication between Siveillance Control and the subsystem. Furthermore, the PLC unit controls and checks incoming data and makes decisions.


A site is an instance of OIS. Sites contain one or more gateways. Multiple sites can be created in the OIS. Example: In building 1 there is a fire alarm system and a glass breakage warning system in building 2 there is an access control system. Then site 1 contains two gateways for the fire alarm system and the glass breakage warning system. Site 2 contains one gateway for the access control system.


All systems that can be connected to Siveillance Control through an interface. That are for example intrusion detection systems or email server.

Subsystem Container

Subsystem containers are used as folders for grouping OIS elements in the System Tree. The subsystem container enables the switching on and off of all subsystems placed within it with a single action of the context menu.


A unit can be either a Cu-Handler unit, a Vu-Handler unit or a PLC unit.

Vu-Handler Unit

Vu-Handler unit ensures communication between OIS and Siveillance Control. There can be more than one Vu-Handler unit (for example engineering and runtime).