Before you can configure IC Transliner in OIS Tools, you have to configure the subsystem and export the data points file.

Configuration of the IC Transliner Subsystem

The configuration of the IC Transliner subsystem is done with TR-Port.

For more information refer to the TR Keypad. PC Keypad for Transliner Ringbus Control Units document, document ID A6V10769616.

Exporting the IC Transliner Data Points File

You have to export the XML file in order to be able to import data later. Furthermore, every time something changes in the configuration you have to repeat these steps.

  • TR-Plan version 4.4 or higher is available. Older versions do not have the systemCommunicationFault parameter. This parameter is used to define the vector of the IC Transliner data point that reports faults, which will in this case be reported through Subsystem 0.
  1. Start TR-Plan.
  1. Load the current configuration.
  1. Create the data points file through the export, for example IC2000_1-CIT3X-2(110)-TR-Port.xml and store the file on an external data medium.
  1. Continue with the subsystem configuration with OIS Tools. For more information refer to: Subsystem Configuration with OIS Tools.