The existing Desigo RXB applications cannot be modified for a specific project by the user. These applications are preprogrammed by groups in the controller and are selected and parameterized using the ETS Professional commissioning and service tool.

Applications of the same type are grouped into application groups. The technical manual contains the complete range of RXB applications.

See RXB (KNX) Technical manual (CM110389).

RXB application library

The RXB application library contains application groups, each of which contains applications of the same type. The RXB application library has a version number which is defined in the RXB Valid Version Set. This Valid Version Set also defines the version of each individual RXB application.

Application groups

Similar application types are grouped into application groups. These differ from each other in terms of how the functions are implemented. Thus chilled ceiling with radiator (CLC02) and chilled ceiling and electric radiator (CLC03) are two different applications within the CLC group. The first of these two applications uses water for heating, while the second uses electrical energy. The difference between applications in the other groups follows a similar pattern.

The following application groups are available for RXB:

  • CLC Chilled ceiling applications (not for Synco)
  • FNC Fancoil applications
  • VAV Variable air volume applications (not for Synco)

Individual applications

The individual application is designed for typical HVAC systems as commonly used in practice in individual rooms.

Configuring applications

Each application has a defined number of configuration parameters with which the application can be programmed for a specific project. These parameters consist both of general values (e.g., temperature setpoints, etc.) and of specific values for the application concerned (e.g., changeover configuration, electric reheater, etc.).