Desigo hardware and firmware is only partially compatible to products from earlier versions in the same Desigo project runtime system.

BACnet peer-to-peer communication between Desigo PX devices from the earliest version to the current version is guaranteed.


As soon as an automation station or a system controller with the newest Desigo firmware is used in a runtime system, all operating clients and Desigo Control Point must be upgraded to the same version. Otherwise, only limited operation is available.

Not all Desigo PX devices in the field can be upgraded to the newest firmware version.

For information on the hardware and firmware compatibility of the Desigo CC management platform, see Desigo CC System Description (A6V1041550).


A firmware update or upgrade from TX-I/O modules is not possible (except for TXI1.OPEN, TXI2.OPEN, and TXI2-S.OPEN).

To load firmware, protocol applications, and the configuration to the TX Open modules, use the TX Open Tool, which is available as a part of XWP.

See Desigo Xworks Plus Online Help (CM111006).