PX (no PXC3)


Number of PX that can be operated.

The visibility of the PX automation stations can be limited on the BACnet network. This is only useful if the site is restricted to one BACnet network.

For hardware series A devices (1 MB memory), the number of PX automation stations per site should be limited to 30.

Alarm administration


Only the alarms from the site where the user is logged on are displayed (PXM20 self-registers as temporary alarm recipient for all devices of a site).

BACnet objects in alarm per site


Maximum number of BACnet objects per site.

The administration of the number of BACnet objects in alarm per site is limited. Others cannot be displayed or operated in Alarm Viewer when there are more BACnet objects in alarm.

Alarm History


Maximum number of entries in the Alarm History. The oldest entries are deleted when this limit is exceeded.