The Desigo PX automation system meets all the requirements for the control and monitoring of heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems and other building services. Desigo PX with its programmable automation stations and graded range of operator units is a scalable and open system.

D-MAP programming language

The starting point for the engineering of the application functions is the range of user-friendly application blocks and function blocks in the D-MAP (Desigo Modular Application Programming) programming language. D-MAP is optimized for applications for technical building installations and is based on the IEC 1131 standard. The graphical user interface of the Xworks Plus (XWP) engineering software ensures an efficient approach.

System functions

All PX automation stations have comprehensive system functions, such as alarm mangement, time schedules, trend histories, time synchronisation, global data distribution, and life check, that work completely autonomously.

BACnet communication for maximum openness

Devices on the automation level communicate with each other and with the management platform and the operating devices via the BACnet protocol.

The use of BACnet/IP or BACnet/LonTalk underlines the openness of the system and allows the easy integration of systems and components from third-party manufacturers.

Automation stations and system controllers

PX Modular

The Desigo PX range of programmable modular automation stations provides maximum flexibility for controlling and monitoring building services. Comprehensive system functions, such as alarm management, time schedules and trend histories, meet all requirements for technical building installations.

The PXX-Lxx extension modules let you connect LonWorks devices and third-party devices.

The PXX-PBUS extension module lets you integrate PTM IO modules.

The PXA40-Tx option modules provide functions, such as web operation.


Desigo TX-I/O modules provide the interface between PX Modular and the field level devices, the actuators and sensors.

A range of configurable and flexible I/O modules are available for signalling, measuring, metering, switching and controlling.

Some modules can be manually operated according to ISO 16484, and have an LCD display with configurable LEDs.

The integrated isolating-terminals facilitate the hardware test during commissioning.

TX Open

TXIx.OPEN lets you integrate third-party systems, such as M-Bus meters, pumps (Grundfos, Wilo) and variable speed drives (Siemens G120P), and connect intelligent aggregates, e.g., chillers, via the Modbus protocol.

PX Compact

The Desigo PX range of programmable compact automation stations with integrated I/Os provides optimized solutions for small to mid-sized technical building installations. Comprehensive system functions, such as alarm management, time schedules and trend histories, meet all requirements for technical building installations.

PX Compact with island bus

The easy to install PXC22.1…D and PXC36.1…D compact automation stations offer increased flexibility due to the island bus.


  • Up to 52 physical I/Os
  • Integration of up to 5 subsystems, such as Modbus, M-bus, with up to 400 data points

PX Open

PX Open system controllers let you integrate third-party devices via Modbus, M-Bus, KNX and other protocols. System functions, such as alarm management, time schedules, trend data storage and flexible programming are available.

Web interfaces and touch panels

The various operator units cover all the various requirements in terms of location and function.

PXG3.W100-1 and PXG3.W200-1 web interface

The BACnet/ IP Web interface permits local and remote operation of Desigo primary and room automation stations as well as third-party BACnet/IP devices. The products PXG3.W100-1 and PXG3.W200-1 vary in functionality as well as permissible system limits.


  • Remote access to the plant
  • Local operation using third-party devices

PXM30-1, PXM40-1, and PXM50-1 touch panels

The TCP/IP touch panels are used on projects that require multiple touch panels or third-party devices to operate the same system data. The central web interface PXG3.Wx00-1 can connect multiple devices.


  • Multiple touch panels on a plant room, conference room, open office spaces, etc.
  • A touch panel in the plant room for on-site operation, remote access via third-party devices

PXM30-E, PXM40-E, and PXM50-E touch panels

The BACnet/IP touch panels can be connected directly to the BACnet network. No additional devices required to operate the Desigo system.

In addition, the BACnet/IP touch panel also includes a web interface for remote operation using a standard web browser on third-party devices. The functionality of the web interface essentially matches the functionality of the PXG3.W100-1, differing only in the permissible system limits. The integrated web access increases the competitiveness of Desigo on smaller projects since there are no additional costs and installation effort.


  • Very small projects: One touch panel for on-site operation of a primary plant. Remote access occurs directly via the integrated web interface on the touch panel.
  • Large project with multiple, decentralized touch panels. The central, cross-building operation takes place on Desigo CC.